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Physical Security Nov21

Converge Your Cyber & Physical Operations

Continuous Diagnostics and Risk Mitigation

Integrated Physical Threat Management

A Firewall isn’t Going to Stop Someone from Breaking Your Back Door

In a recent Gartner survey, security and risk leaders ranked the Internet of Things (IoT) and cyber-physical systems as their top concerns for the next three to five years.

With interconnected cyber-physical systems becoming more popular, potentially creating more loopholes in your systems, siloed physical security or unprotected physical assets represent a significant amount of risk to your information safety and business resilience. Malicious attackers frequently leverage them not only to compromise your infrastructure but also to get access to your valuable data.

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Your Physical Asset Could be the Security Blind Spot

Faced with growing hybrid attacks targeting physical and cyber assets, the need to expand security programs to encompass connected physical and cyber assets or cyber-physical systems is becoming very apparent. The protection of your physical assets adds layers of assurance to your systems and equips you better to identify, prevent, mitigate, and respond to threats.


Holistic and Intelligent Threat Management

We support complex companies of all sizes by building a managed converged physical and cyber security function tailored to your industry, structure, and capability. So that you can adequately address and proactively mitigate threats in the cyber-physical environment of the modern world.

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Connected Cyber Assets

Smart Cyber-Physical Systems

Connected Physical Assets

Featured Solutions

Smart Security Cameras and Access Management Systems

SSL certified, multi-factor authenticated 24/7 motion and object tracking, even when your network connection fails.

The Full Bundle

Monitor and record whilst providing access to valuable insights. Protect your people and assets with reliable security. Simple to deploy and user friendly, we provide a stress-free, out of box managed solution with sophisticated security features to fight inside threats and malicious attackers in your environment.

Perfect Add-on to Your System

The solution comes with native integration with market-leading analytic platforms and supports customer integration through APIs. We can also help you to sync smart cameras with access control systems to make sense of events more quickly to secure your cyber and physical assets.

Anytime Protection

Record to protect even if your network is down. Configure how the video is retained and streamed the way you like - local streaming video never goes to the cloud to save bandwidth; remote streaming video can be viewed from anywhere and anytime, not only from a central dashboard but also from any device.

Anywhere Security

Being indoor or outdoor, we offer a great range of models for multipurpose deployments even for the most demanding environments and weather conditions to extend protection to your devices, infrastructure, remote users, and locations anywhere in minutes.