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Dynamic Secure Collaboration

Continuous Diagnostics and Risk Mitigation

Advanced Information Protection

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Protect Your Data

We offer centralised security protection to safeguard your data against data loss, misuse and unauthorised access.



Shield Your Collaboration

Locate, identify, and secure your information including files, messages and chat content across your collaboration software, even if they are unstructured.

Next-Gen Protection

Real-time information protection leveraging your existing Information Protection labels with dynamic attribute-based policies to automatically adjust access rights based on the sensitivity of the content and the user’s current context, defined by your security policy.

Data Breaches Prevention on the Fly

Take advantage of advanced threat response features including a secure viewer, encrypt or quarantine docs when auditing access to sensitive data for compliance.  Add a dynamic custom watermark to Word, PowerPoint, Excel and PDF documents to protect your digital assets.

Go from (Microsoft) Strength to Strength

As a purpose-built, Microsoft-compatible tool, our next-gen information protection solution perfectly augments Microsoft applications by providing in-app rule creation, additional security features on the user interface, viewing methods, and encryption or restriction of email attachments, and supports osrchestrated risk mitigation defence from security information event management (SIEM) tools, such as Microsoft Sentinel.

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Embed security in your collaboration

Within the protected environment, the system automatically adjusts your user access and requires no additional client-side application and zero effort. Your team will have seamless access to information they legitimately need to do their job while sensitive data are shielded from malicious insiders and malicious attacks.

The Threat Landscape is Evolving and Intensifying.

Whether you require a complete security solution or a one-time security project, we are here to help.