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Cloud Communications

Communication as a Core Business Driver

VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol)
UCcaS (Unified Communication as a Service)
& CCasS (Contact Centre as a Service)

A communication solution that integrates the core platforms your business uses to bring your teams together

Teams Calling

We can integrate your Microsoft Teams into a feature rich phone system or advance customer service centre to reduce app switching.

One Platform

Combine call, directory, video conferencing, chat and contact centre in a single platform for your team to operate from anywhere, and anytime.

Reduced Costs

Optimise your organisation's total cost of ownership by giving each user the exact features needed to efficiently do their job.

CRM Integration

We can integrate your phone system and customer service centre into your CRM to give you full visibility of the whole customer journey.

Business Continuity

We ensure your communication is secure and readily available even in a disaster or an unplanned event.

No Silos

Eliminate organisational silos with full analytics and collaboration between contact centre agents and functional area experts.

Powerful Analytics

We can integrate the metrics from your customer and team into Dashboards that give you real-time intel on how your organisation is doing.

Trustworthy Deployment

Move your communications to cloud with a deployment package designed for you, backed by Service Level Agreement .

Personalised Customer Experience

Focus your attention to refine and enhance the overall customer journey with CX analytics.

It starts with us gaining an understanding of how our organisation needs to communicate. Through structured workshops we build an understanding of who the people are that your organisation needs to communicate with and the channels that they use. We then take a comprehensive look at your existing communication infrastructure and strategically map out how new communication tools can be used to enhance your employee and customer experience. 

“The fact that 8x8 is a cloud-based platform is an additional benefit for us, as well as being easy to scale, and we can have the same platform for both our operational staff and our call centre staff. Hirte continues, “Call queues can be easily managed with burst capacity being made available when required.” Additionally, through the use of 8x8 Meetings, employees are now able to collaborate visually with each other, share content and provide face to face consultations with their clients.


    As we move into the recovery phase of the pandemic, the great dividing line is no longer between those who adopted it early or late. Instead, it will be between those who see cloud communication or VoIP as just a new technology to do things the same old way and those who use it to collect data and insights and rethink their operation, customer service, communication, and collaboration process.