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Business Intelligence May22

Make better decisions more efficiently easily profitably

Digital Transformation

Business intelligence

Go further in your data analysis and gain better acumen

Gain better understandings of your business quickly from both structured and unstructured data, including speech, text, and images.  Together with you, we identify hindrances within your processes and create professional data, simplify the organisation of your data, create dashboards and dynamic data reports to specifically give you the information required to resolve constraints with your business.

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Practical BI Coaching

Business intelligence today is not only accessible to big corporations – small and medium-sized companies can also benefit from the magnitude of self-service BI software available.  

However, for more effective monitoring and interpretation of your data, business intelligence coaching is the safest and fastest way to achieve good ROI from any BI projects and technology investment in the long run.  

We work in collaboration with you to identify the metrics that are relevant to your business, your industry, and more specifically the KPIs involved in your processes and track them to bring value to your business. By choosing our BI coaching service, you will take a shortcut to effective management of your data and analytics. 


Data Governance

Execution of a successful business intelligence strategy requires strong management of how data is managed and used from start to finish. Depending on the needs and the current situation within your company, Data governance can focus on topics like data definition, data quality, privacy and security, architecture and integration, data warehousing and management alignment.  

Depending on the level of maturity of your organization on those topics, we can help you in defining a tailor-made Data Governance program to either coordinate the efforts of the existing programs or set up new programs to deal with those topics. 

A typical data governance solution from us comprises of

Cloud storage

For data to be useful, it must be stored in a place that users can reliably access.The cloud storage solution from us makes sure it’s right for your capacity and cost requirements and be scalable to meet your changing storage needs. 

Collection automation

We can help you to automate data collection in areas where your team may be spending a lot of time doing routine data activities.  

Data Integration

We can bring information from multiple systems to provide a more complete picture of your processes so that you can make more informed decisions.  

Team Collaboration

We can provide adequate, safe infrastructure to improve data sharing and collaboration between departments. 

Dashboard & Report

Once your requirements grow into needing data in real-time, requiring data access for multiple users, or having a need for data security, a dynamic data dashboard or report would be a viable option. We can show you how to easily visualise your data into easy-to-understand graphic reports, or we can set up interactive dashboards to communicate your data story.

Dashboards for business can be of many types, from analytical to operational to strategic – each tracking a certain type of metrics and telling a specific data story. They can focus on a particular project or provide a big picture of the overall activities. Our modern business dashboards can help your team to better collaborate and communicate with customers.

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