Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

VoIP, Voice over Internet Protocol, Internet Telephony are all terms used to describe the delivery of voice communications over the internet instead of over the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

The adoption of VoIP is becoming more widespread amongst businesses due to technological advancements and the many benefits of the protocol:

  • Cheaper Calls. Calls to mobiles, long distance and conference calls are cheaper.
  • Free Calls. Calls between offices and telecommuters are free.
  • Reduced Infrastructure Costs. The cost of dedicated phone lines is eliminated as the data network is also used for voice.

VoIP also presents a wealth of functionality enabling businesses to improve productivity, provide better customer service and operate more efficiently.

  • Increased Mobility. Mobile staff can be reached anytime, anywhere on any device on the same office line number.
  • Increased Productivity. Mobile staff and teleworkers can access full functionality of the business phone system regardless of location.
  • Increased Efficiency. Unified Communications enables staff to access email, voicemail, faxes from any device and from any location.

If your company is considering moving to VoIP there are a number of factors that you need to consider in your planning phase.

  • Local Area Network. Is the networking equipment on your network up-to-date and able to support the integration of VoIP?
  • Wide Area Network. How good is your connection to the internet and the capabilities of your Internet Service Provider and VoIP Service Provider?
  • Pure VoIP? Is your company ready to move to a pure VoIP solution combining voice and data into one network and embracing all the features and functionality of VoIP?
  • Hybrid IP-PABX? Is a mix of VoIP and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) more suitable for your organisation? Perhaps utilising VoIP for inter-company calls and the PSTN to communicate with customers?
  • Hosted IP? Is a hosted IP solution more suited to your company‚Äôs budget? Eliminating the need to purchase and maintain hardware on company premises.

Scope Logic will help you analyse all the available options to reach the right decision for your business.