Knowledge Management

Provide Perfect Answers  to Your Customers

Service Excellence

Communication and Collaboration Efficiency 

Knowledge Management

Consistent Knowledge Through Any Channel

A knowledge management platform that gives you the power to connect with your staff and customers via any communication channel to deliver concise answers instead of complex documents.

Single Source of Truth

On the Phone

In the Field

Behind the counter

Customer Self-Serve

Reduction in Costs

A 90% reduction in training time resulted in an annual saving of $500,000 thanks to Livepro.” – Bank

Improve Customer Satisfaction

“Customer Satisfaction levels are reported as being significantly improved thanks to a decrease in on-hold time by 12 seconds.” – Government

Increase Staff Engagement

“New inductees using livepro performed significantly better almost immediately than experienced staff.” – Insurance

Meet Compliance and Reduce Risk

“Compliance has increased by over 12% reducing complaints and financial risks.” – Government

Enhance Business Insights

“The reporting options in Livepro helped us know what knowledge was being accessed, and what wasn’t and what needed updating with ease.” – Insurance

Boost Revenues

“61% reduction in the time it took to find content.” – Entertainment

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