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Everyone Needs Some Sunshine in Life

Everyone Needs Some Sunshine in Life

Scope Logic -Easter 2021
Everyone needs some sunshine in life, especially those who are vulnerable. Let’s brighten their lives – show them the love and the care from their community.

We all deserve to feel safe and protected. However, right here in our backyard, women and children are abused by their families and have to flee domestic violence.  

At Scope Logic, we have long been working to build a strong, inclusive, and positive environment for everyone, especially those at risk. For this Easter, we partnered with Operations Sunshine, a volunteering group supporting children and young people in out-of-home care and crisis accommodation in Western Australia. The team at Scope Logic arranged some Easter goodies, and Operation Sunshine matched those goodies with a local women’s shelter.

We are delighted to know how well received this donation was amongst the mums and their children.



"The children enjoyed finding the pop sticks and then getting their eggs. We gave the Mums the big Kinda eggs and a soft rabbit toy which they were so happy to receive, especially the clients who were unable to buy their eggs due to financial hardship,"

The Shelter Staff
Operation Sunshine Easter 2021

There were some heart-wrenching yet warm comments from the residents of the shelter. One Mum said, “I’m so happy you’ve done this – my kids were not going to get anything this year.” Every child loved the chocolate and the craft activities. Some mixed comments were received about the egg hunt from the kids – one of the big boys said “it was too easy!”

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