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Tell the Story of Your Data

Live Operation and Business Dashboard

Dynamic Reporting

Visibility on Your Organisation, Customers and Teams give you the power to make informed decisions

Drive change, and quickly adapt to changing markets and customer dynamics with data visualisation.

Automatically Track, Analyse and Report
Scope Logic develops customised dashboards and automates regular reports based on your business needs. Our customers want to know more about their customer interactions, team productivity and satisfaction, System Security, Data Governance and more. By bringing together different sets of data we can visualise complex information to assist with decision making.
Alert and Respond
Our Security and Governance solutions deliver dashboards that can help you to identify and investigate potential gaps in your information systems problem and
Separate opinions from facts
Delivering qualitative and quantitative information allows decision makers to act with confidence that they are not making decisions based on opinions, but on facts monitor operational efficiency, identify emerging trends, and highlight problematic areas.

Speed Up the Time Frame to Answer Those Hard Questions

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Analyse your data as soon as it is created

Anytime, Anywhere

Access to critical information anytime and anywhere

Faster Response

Identify patterns and trends faster and with better accuracy
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Image credit: https://blog.datumize.com/infographic-what-is-dark-data-and-why-it-matters

Get your data out from the black hole

The increase in sites, apps, and technology systems your business uses hold mass amounts of data. Unless they are analysed under the correct context, the data your organisation collects, processes and stores can get buried deep and wasted.

Talk to us today about how we can assist you gain more value from the information your company already has.