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We’ve discussed the basics of Cyber Security and also how to avoid being scammed by email hackers. Both of these articles highlighted the need for your passwords to be strong. But what we haven’t explained is how you’re supposed to keep track of these passwords. Let us introduce you to the concept of a password manager.

In our current cyber environment, hacking and cyber-attacks are taking place much more often than many business owners realise. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) found that business scams were up more than 30 percent in 2016. According to Kaspersky Lab Security Bulletin 2016, a company is hit with ransomware every 40 seconds. These statistics can seem frightening, but the best first-level defence against hacking is a strong password.

It is no longer good enough to use your birthday, a name, etc. If your passwords aren’t strong enough, hackers and the software they use will be able to “guess” them. You need to have a strong, unique password for each of your online accounts. (For tips on creating a strong password, check back to our post on email scams).

Password managers are not just a way to store your passwords in a secure place, they can also generate these unique and complex passwords for you. You do, however, have to create and remember one master password, which will be the key to all of your password manager created passwords.

How does it work?

Your typical password manager will install a browser plug-in which will handle your password capture and replay. This way, each time you log in to a secure site, it will ask you if you want to save your password.

Using your super-strong master password, you gain access to the browser password manager, and then every time you log in to a new site, the password manager will help you create, save and store your passwords.

The best password managers will save your account details when you create the account and will also recognize when you change your password and offer to update the stored information.

What password managers to use

There are so many options when it comes to password managers, and depending on the level of security you think you require, you can get one for free or for a small fee.

A couple of free password managers:

Last Pass

Free to use, with features such as two-factor authentication and free syncing, with a premium plan you can upgrade to for a small cost.


Log me once is also free, and claims that by using their Single Sign-On system, you increase your security by 300%. Log me once also uses a passwordless system, with four authentication options to choose from.

For more options, PC Mag has created an in-depth list of the best Password Managers of 2017, including both a Paid and Free list.

Here is a list of the best Password Managers 2017

Have more questions about Password Managers or Cyber Security? Give us a call and speak with one of our knowledgeable Technical Engineers on (08) 9228 4118, or send us an email at .

We are proud to announce that the Scope Logic Team has achieved the following Microsoft Competencies:

– Microsoft Silver Datacentre Competency

– Microsoft Silver Small and Midmarket Cloud Solution Competency

This achievement further demonstrates our team’s certified skills, including their qualifications to develop and support solutions for Office 365, Skype for Business with PSTN Conferencing, Azure, and Private Cloud Deployment, Datacentre Management, and Virtualization Planning Services.

These Scope Logic competencies are based on a combination of exams, completed projects, and recognition by both our customers and Microsoft. Congratulations to the entire team!

Partnering with Leaders in Technology – Fortinet

August 4, 2014

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Our preferred Network Security Partner, Fortinet, is surpassing competition & increasing market share according to industry analyst IDC.

“Shahnawas Latiff, IDC Asia Pacific’s Market Analyst for the network security market, said: “Fortinet has a sound business strategy across the region. Its comprehensive product range can effectively meet the security needs of diverse enterprises, and it is able to adapt its products to a broader IT ecosystem that spans both advanced threats and broader IT trends. The ability of Fortinet’s large partner base to provide a level of support beyond the industry standard also accounts for the high adoption rate of its solutions.” (Source:

CRN FAST 50 2011 Scope Logic has leapt to 15th position in this year’s CRN Fast 50 Awards – a massive leap from their debut 22nd placement in last year awards.  The announcement was made at the CRN Fast 50 Awards night held at Sheraton on the Park in Sydney on Thursday 1st December.

The awards reflect the ability of Australian technology companies to recruit and retain quality staff, to deliver excellence in customer service and be able to adapt to change in a tough economic climate.

Scope Logic is a Managed ICT company specialising in Business Continuity, Network Security and Unified Communications & Collaboration solutions. The past year has seen Scope Logic refine and hone its solutions as the company matured into its 4th year of operations.

Scope Logic’s Private Cloud for SMB Solution is one significant achievement resulting from a year of development and thinking outside of the box working with appliances from leading vendors NETGEAR and VMware. The hard work was acknowledged by ARN Magazine this year affording Scope Logic with the Highly Commended Award. This solution has been a significant contributor to the company’s success in this year’s CRN Awards.

Scope Logic demonstrated almost a 43% increase in revenue propelling the company 7 notches up the CRN Fast 50 ladder. The company was only 1 of 7 WA based companies to make the list year.

Scope Logic’s General Manager & Founder, Oscar Wetherell, says “Scope Logic was founded on the principles of People, Processes, Openness and Honesty with the aim of providing enterprise class solutions to small and medium sized enterprises at SME prices. We are still working to these ethics and goals; our loyal customer base, ability to continually win new clients and retain our winning team, means, to me, that we have the ingredients right to sustain this level of performance.”

ARN Award - Highly Commended - 2011

Scope Logic is proud to announce its achievement in the 2011 ARN Awards as a finalist in the category of Best Reseller Performance Initiative for its Private Cloud for SMB Solution.

This is Scope Logic’s debut in the ARN awards following a year concentrated on developing innovative Business Continuity and High Availability blue print solutions designed to fit the budgets of growing businesses within the SMB / SME space. The company’s Private Cloud for SMB Solution provides an enterprise class of redundancy, flexibility and functionality that is required to support the modern SMB of today.

The solution uses NETGEAR’s ReadyNAS 4200 Unified Storage and VMware and has been acknowledged by NETGEAR as a highly innovative way to use their Unified Storage appliances. It provides a blue print private cloud solution which SMBs can build an ICT strategy around to incorporate their use of private and public clouds within their businesses.

The solution has raised Scope Logic’s profile with NETGEAR elevating its partnership status to Platinum Plus. John Condo, NETGEAR’s Territory Account Manager for WA is working very closely with Scope Logic to help deliver tailored solutions to businesses that offer a resolution to current IT demands.

“What many businesses don’t understand is that big IT solutions are not always the right choice for their business,” said Condo. “NETGEAR provides reliable, affordable and simple solutions for small to medium enterprise without the cost and complexity of big IT. As such, I’m looking forward to working closely with Scope Logic in providing more strategic solutions to their end users’ needs.”

Scope Logic’s Private Cloud for SMBs is particularly suited to industries where high growth is expected, such as the mining and resources sector. These companies require flexibility during their exploration phase that easily scales to support their business as exploration increases or they transition through to production with multiple sites and a heavy reliance on network infrastructure.

Scope Logic’s General Manager, Oscar Wetherell, says “Our existing clients and prospects are excited by our solution as the approach ticks all the right boxes from both a business and technical perspective. Our conversations have evolved from just “installing a server” to allowing us to discuss business objectives and strategies thereby reinforcing Scope Logic’s position that you need to invest in your IT to succeed rather than perceiving IT as a cost to the business.”

Incorporated into a larger Cloud Strategy, the solution also allows Scope Logic to start the Cloud discussion with a clear roadmap of how SMBs can make use of private and public clouds to benefit their business.

Being a finalist in the ARN Best Reseller Performance Initiative Award is an impressive reward for the Scope Logic team. The company is now launching a series of Business Continuity Management seminars in association with NETGEAR to spread the word about its industry acknowledged solution to Perth’s growing businesses.


BRW Fast Starters 2011Scope Logic, a Perth based Information, Communications & Technology (ICT) company has debuted in the 2011 BRW Fast Starters list as one of only four WA companies to feature in the top 100 this year.

To qualify companies across Australia must meet a list of strict criteria including a specified amount of growth in revenue for the previous financial year. Revenue figures must be verified by an external accountant or auditor.

In the case of this year’s award the last financial year was between 2008-09 and 2009-10 – the year that the GFC started to impact the Australian economy. During this period many WA businesses had to re-think their strategies to stay afloat in the changing economic landscape.

Scope Logic saw the impact of the GFC specifically in the area of its hardware sales. Clients started preparing for the potential economic downturn by shelving IT expansion plans and ‘making do’ with their existing IT infrastructure.

However, Scope Logic was able to accelerate the growth of a new business division during this time by seizing opportunities which arose in the corporate communications market. The company’s agility enabled them to develop a new revenue stream to counterbalance some of the losses from hardware sales and more importantly, it has placed Scope Logic in the right position to support the evolving needs of their clients today.

“Commercial phone systems is a very exciting space at the moment; the growth of Unified Communications and mobile devices is taking business communications into a new realm which is far more intertwined with IT than ever before.” says Managing Director, Oscar Wetherell. “Simple actions such as accessing company emails on your smartphone, not only requires a responsive IT infrastructure but one that has been built with security at front of mind. Our computers are no longer desk based equipment locked behind alarmed buildings – they go overseas with us on business trips and to football matches on the weekend. The office is truly mobile, the distinction between work and leisure is blurred and the devices we use in these spaces overlap or are one and the same.”

Scope Logic foresees another year of growth with new products and services in the pipeline and the deployment of improved business practices. However, Oscar isn’t expecting the year ahead to be any easier. The challenge to attract and retain quality staff and clients gets tougher each year but he believes his founding principles to focus on people and processes and to be open and honest will continue to contribute to the sustainability of the company.

CRN Fast 50 2011Scope Logic, a Perth based Managed Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Solutions Company dedicated to servicing small and medium sized businesses in Perth, secured the 22nd position in this year’s fastest growing IT reseller awards compiled by Computer Reseller News (CRN) magazine. The awards recognise 50 of Australia’s fastest growing companies in the IT reseller market and ranks success on a company’s growth in revenue. Scope Logic’s success in the competition was announced at an awards ceremony hosted in Sydney on Wednesday 27 October.

Scope Logic was founded in 2007 by company Director, Oscar Wetherell. The company focuses on providing enterprise quality ICT support and solutions at SMB prices to small and medium sized companies in Perth and has established a stable client base over the last few years. This year the company’s increased activity was noticed by one of their suppliers, Distribution Central, who nominated Scope Logic for the awards.

Scope Logic experienced a growth in revenues of almost 45% in the 2009 – 2010 financial year which put the company 22nd in the qualifying list of the 50 fastest growing IT resellers in Australia. Scope Logic was one of only six WA companies to make the list this year.

Scope Logic has developed a highly automated service delivery model, allowing it to pass the cost savings of automation onto its clients. The fact that clients’ networks are constantly monitored combined with scheduled preventative maintenance, which pre-empts any major issues occurring, means that network stability increases bringing down the monthly cost of support.

Oscar Wetherell says, “The managed services approach to ICT was fairly new when we started out, companies were used to the ‘break fix’ mentality of IT Support so we had our work cut out changing people’s minds to a ‘prevention rather than cure’ way of thinking. The hard work has been worth it. Our clients like the control they have over their IT expenditure, the transparency we provide in our detailed monthly reports and the fact that their networks ‘just work’.”