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Three Ways to Embrace Simplicity and Efficiency in Your Tech Life

Three Ways to Embrace Simplicity and Efficiency in Your Tech Life


As we move through the decisions that make up our lives, we are often overwhelmed by unrealistic desires and we tend to acquire far more than we discard. But the importance of streamlining our processes in life grows as it becomes more complex. 

When it comes to your tech life, it is no different. When surrounded by numerous noises, making simple and effective choices is the only path to staying focused on what matters.

In this year's simplifying life week, it's time to think about ways you can re-evaluate your choices.  Here are our top recommendations to make tech less frustrating in your personal and professional spaces.


If you are like A LOT of people, you are probably doing these two things: using the same password across multiple websites, apps and devices, and you haven't updated your password for a while. We get it. After all, we can only memorise so many passwords!

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Yet, 73% of passwords can be cracked in a second. These numbers tell us: MANY Australians are probably just one second away from being hacked and having most of their privacy invaded. 

We recommend taking these two simple steps to strengthen your password security:

  • Use strong and unique passwords. To make this easier, use a password-managing app that generates strong passwords that lets you use one master password to unlock a vault of passwords for all your accounts.
  • Turn on two-factor verification on your personal and business accounts for an extra layer of protection whenever the option is available.

For other tips that would benefit you tremendously in an era when hacks are rampant, read this blog:  Be Cyber Safe.



Make plans to get unwanted e-junk out of your life would help the environment and your sanity. 

Organise what you have

We often forget what we have, given the number of electronics we stash away in drawers and cupboards. So instead of buying new devices, organise your existing ones to see if you need to replace them.

Buy less

After regular use, our electronic devices can start to feel sluggish. Do not rush to replace them just yet. Instead, start by doing some basic maintenance - checking the condition of your batteries and freeing up some storage, backing things up with a cloud storage solution.

Try to share devices and accessories with family members rather than buy the same device or charger multiple times. Choose an energy saving model.

Recycle or trade-in

Companies like apple offer trade-in services for used products. For example, you could bring an old iPhone to get in exchange for some credits towards a shiny new one.  Unused devices and electronic accessories would be better off sold or donated to someone in need or recycled. Check with your local council, office buildings to see if they offer a collection service or bag them up and drop them off at one of the recycling points: https://www.environment.gov.au/protection/waste/consumers/recycling-drop-off

Tip: wipe all electronic devices before disposal.


While juggling many personal and profession demands, it is easy to settle with a "do now and worry later" mentality when it comes to your tech choices. Take the cloud adoption as an example.  It is often that we just take what we have on the premise and chuck them into the cloud. And the problem? You may have created a ton of additional work, issues and tech debt. 

"The ability to simplify important means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak. ."
Hans Hoffman

Much like the process of moving house, the move to the cloud should be an opportunity to reassess what you have and determine, which is worth moving, storing, adapting or left behind.

A digital declutter of what you have is necessary before the move, or before you make any new choices so that your new tech environment will be clean, efficient, and more secure.  The process should make space so you can clearly see the potential for improvement. Through the decluttering process, you can cut away the unnecessary noise and focus on building a system that meets––and exceeds––the ever-changing demands of your company, business and customers.

Do what Sparks Joy

Imagine a tech life that is clean, calm, and structured. A tech environment that minimises decision-making and helps you take action with more ease. A tech process that lets you focus on what is more important. When re-evaluating your tech life, make sure that it’s bringing significant value to your work and personal life and then focus on doing those things. 

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