If you look around your office and home you will have noticed that the amount of cables attached to your devices is slowly decreasing. The term “paperless” office has transformed into the term “wireless” office and it is something the change in technology continuously works towards.


Wires often impact our productivity unnoticeably, it is almost expected that you will walk into a meeting and spend at least 5 minutes at the beginning of a meeting looking for the correct wires, adaptors and cables to connect to in room screens and projectors.

This creates the simple conclusion of when wires are eliminated from your life, productivity increases.


Within everyday life we have become accustom to having a wireless lifestyle and having the ability to share content without the need to plug in. This could be something as simple as sending an email from our mobile or tablet device, or sharing multimedia content on a TV screen using mirroring technology.


With the attitude towards remote working and working from home becoming more desirable within businesses, the trends of technology need to follow. Times are changing and the ability to be wire free to enable us to work flexibly and remotely is something that is within reach. The next generation of content collaboration tools are entering the market, eliminating the need for cables so users can continue on with their meetings and share content swiftly, securely and easily.


Imagine a future where engineers can collaborate on complex projects in real time with colleagues from around the world, making live edits with touchscreen technology. A medical community, where doctors from disparate sites can review MRI’s , X-Rays or other patient data to make assessments and improve the patient outcomes, saving both time and money.


Within most industries a third of workers say collaborations tools assist them in making quick decisions and nearly two-thirds of workers in major economies around the world want their employer to provide collaboration technology to work from anywhere.


Personal life has had the development where we become more accustomed to a life without wires, so this is becoming a fast reality in the workplace.

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