Small and medium businesses (SMBs) are far more susceptible to cyber attacks due to their increased use of cloud services. SMB’s, especially medium-sized companies, tend to attract attackers, this is as a result of these companies adopting cloud solutions faster than larger enterprises, and frequently have less mature security programs in place.

While small businesses may be easier to attack, medium sized business tend to have more data available for cyber hackers to apprehend.


A report by TechRepublic, 2017 outlined which tracked exploits, malware and top botnets in the third quarter of 2017, saw an increase in attempted attacks heading into the holiday shopping season. The trend in attacks saw a quieter period throughout the middle 3 months of the year and saw an increase start towards the end of the quarter and expect this increased trend to continue.


Technical experts compared the attacks to department stores; They make the most of their money during holiday season. Below are the four tips they gave SMBs looking to protect their networks:


  1. Understand everything you’re responsible for

Ensure you know the assets you are in charge of within your organisation, you can’t protect something if you don’t know about it


  1. Limit user access

Establish who within your organisation needs admin status, only give users access to the accounts they actually need to better protect key assets.


  1. Remove as many apps as possible

Apps can open business networks to potential threats, by reducing this amount you are reducing the amount of potential threats you will be faced with. Start this process by deleting all non-business or unnecessary apps to reduce potential vulnerabilities.


  1. Practice good cyber hygiene

Security technology developers regularly see the same corruption within an organisations network due to the company not having a good response plan. A documented vulnerability patch process should be in place before it is needed, different levels of impact should be taken into account, and products that are at risk of going out of date to the point it can no longer be patched should be identified.


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If you are unsure about the 4 points above contact us to get some expert advice.



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