At present there have been over 200 fake Australia Post websites detected that are spreading TorrentLocker and this list is still growing. There are various other fake websites, purporting to be reputable well-known companies or organisations, which are also spreading TorrentLocker malware.

What is a TorrentLocker?

It is a type of cryptographic ransomware that encrypts the infected files on a device. The author of the virus demands payment, usually in the form of Bitcoin, in order for the files to be decrypted. Without the decryption the files are rendered unusable. TorrentLocker are most commonly spread via a spam email that takes the user to a fake website that requests CAPTCHA information. This action downloads a file to a device that contains the TorrentLocker malware.

How to reduce the risk of your device being infected with a TorrentLocker

Our anti-virus partners are advising users NOT to enter CAPTCHA codes on any postal tracking sites. In addition, be cautious of any parcel notifications or messages claiming to be from Australia Post (if you are unsure of the authenticity of the notification call Australia Post for verification).

Below is an example of a fake Australia Post email and website.

Fake Australia Post email and website. Fake Australia Post email and website.

At Scope Logic we configure the anti-virus protection for our Managed Services clients to protect against these type of security threats. As these attacks are constantly evolving we still recommend you remain cautious of any suspicious or unexpected emails that are received on any of your devices.

Speak to your IT provider about how to configure your anti-virus software to protect against the latest advances in TorrentLocker. You can also speak with the Scope Logic IT Support team on 08 9228 4118.

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